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Digital Marketing Blueprint

These 101 videos will teach you all the required skills required to be a Digital Marketer and will help you build a strong career in the Digital Marketing industry.

BDT 15000

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn digital marketing and possibly wants to work as a freelancer or employee in the field of web digital marketing. If someone wants to start their POD, Affiliate or CPA business this course could be the ideal pick. We covered almost everything. So even if you've never worked in this industry in the past or don't have much idea how it works, you will be able to quickly jump in.

Course Module - Digital Marketing Blueprint (101 Videos)

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Digital marketing overlook
  3. Consumer psychology 
  4. Digital Marketing trends
  5. Digital Marketing Case Studies
  6. Payment gateways
  1. Social Media Marketing 
  2. Facebook Marketing – Free Traffic
  3. Facebook Marketing – Free Traffic 2
  4. Facebook Marketing – Free Traffic 3
  5. Instagram Marketing – 1
  6. Instagram Marketing – 2
  7. Twitter marketing 1
  8. Twitter marketing 2
  9. LinkedIn marketing (Free Traffic)
  10. Linked in marketing (Paid Traffic)
  11. Pinterst free traffic 1
  12. Pinterst free traffic 2
  13. Snap chat marketing 1
  14. Reddit marketing 1
  15. Reddit marketing 2
  1. Importance of website for a business
  2. Buy Your Domain and Integrate Your Hosting
  3. WordPress Site Buildup including Theme and plugins Setup
  1. SEO – Overview
  2. SEO – Keyword Research – Free Methods (Basic)
  3. SEO – Keyword Research – Paid Methods (Advanced)
  4. SEO – Content Planning
  5. SEO Onpage and Yoast including connecting of analytic and search console
  6. SEO Site Audit
  7. SEO Competitor Analysis
  8. SEO Link Building Overview
  9. SEO Link Building 1
  10. SEO Link Building 2
  11. SEO Link Building 3
  12. SEO Infographic Creation and Submission
  13. SEO Reporting and Monitoring
  14. Local SEO
  1. Video Marketing Overview
  2. Video Content Idea
  3. Video Making Tools
  4. Youtube Overview
  5. Youtube Optimization
  6. Youtube Monetization
  7. Youtube SEO
  8. Youtube SEO 2
  9. Youtube cards, intro outro, playlist
  10. Other video sharing sites
  1. Email marketing Overview
  2. Email collection (harvesting)
  3. Lead generation
  4. Email content
  5. Email funnel
  1. Basic Concept of Facebook Ads
  2. Ad Objectives and Audience Insights
  3. Campaign Setup and Targeting
  4. :Pixel Setup and Retargeting ads
  5. Facebook Ad Optimization
  1. Basic Concept of Google ads
  2. Keyword Selection and Ad setup
  3. Ad Copy Creation
  4. Ad Performance Analysis and Remarketing
  1. Google analytics
  2. Google search console
  1. Native ad
  2. Display network
  3. Video ads
  1. Viral content creation
  2. Viral marketing
  3. Google trends
  1. Digital marketing earning scoops overview
  2. freelancing marketplace
  3. Profile (upwork , fiverr)
  4. bidding , conversation, pricing 
  5. Client communication and portfolio
  6. Finding clients from outside of marketplace
  1. Blogging 1 – Topic and Research
  2. Blogging 2 – Content Planning and Site Structure
  3. Blogging 3 – All Resources for Blogging (Free and Paid).
  4. Adsence account setup
  5. Adsence optimization
  1. Affiliate marketing (overview, marketplace)
  2. Account creation and offer selection
  3. Landing page building
  4. Sending traffic and conversion
  5. Amazone affiliate overview
  6. Account creation and product selection
  7. Niche site building
  1. CPA marketing overview
  2. Offer section and account creation
  3. Sending traffic and conversion
  1. What is Print on Demand
  2. How to Start Print on Demand
  3. Design and Research 
  4. Print on Demand Marketing
  1. What is Dropshipping?
  2. How to Start Dropshipping Business from Bangladesh?
  3. Stores Setup and Tools
  4. Product Sourcing
  5. Marketing Tricks for Dropshipping Business
  1. How to start a Local Ecommerce Business
  2. Steps to follow for Local Ecommerce marketing

Our Mentors

SM Belal

SM Belal Uddin

Digital Marketer

S.M. Belal is an Online Marketing professional. He owns a digital marketing agency Texort. He is also working with a US based e-commerce platform Gearlaunch as their Country Manager in Bangladesh. 

Nahid Hasan

Nahid Hasan

Digital Marketer

Nahid Hasan is a digital marketers with 9+ years of professional experience. He is running a Digital Marketing company called Bizcope. He is also working with one of the leading Fintech companies from the US called “Payoneer” as their country representative in Bangladesh. 

"The best time to learn digital marketing was 10 years ago and the 2nd best time is now!"

The future is for learners, who invest their time and money to learn new things and grow further. The more we can learn about the industry and its secrets, the better we can do. All the successful people have one common thing and that is SKILL. Now it’s your turn to decide if you want to learn and grow or blame others for your failure.